Thwart drive off fuel crime with Tensor security network

Petrol station crime in the UK costs nearly £50 million a year and could lead to an increase in the cost of fuel to motorists. A good proportion of this crime wave sweeping the country's forecourts includes drive offs – people driving away without paying for fuel, which makes up nearly a quarter of money lost to the industry via crime. The penalties for this offence include a fine, a possible prison sentence, and the likelihood of having to pay compensation to the garage and the costs of the court.

To prevent petrol stations from becoming easy targets for drive offs, Tensor can aid forecourts step up their security with our extensive knowledge. We install, maintain, and service digital CCTV camera and recording surveillance systems, whether a single camera or an entire network, manufactured by the leading specialists. Our cameras are among the best and are evidence quality.
Or how about integrating CCTV with a total security set-up? We also stock a range of bollards, gates and other physical barriers to thwart the criminals. Electronic devices such as automatic bollards can be controlled by the garage attendant and come with a warranty and in a variety of colours.

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