Time and attendance clocking features can save jobs and money

The coalition government is looking to the public sector as one of the ways to blitz spending and reduce the huge deficit caused by the bail-out of the banks. The Scottish government, which currently gets all its funding from Westminster, has to decide how much it can afford to give councils. With this in mind, BBC Scotland approached all 32 councils in Scotland to ask about anticipated job losses, and ten Scottish local authorities replied they expect to cut 10,000 jobs between them over the next few years. The councils said they hoped the savings would happen through natural turnover, retirement and voluntary redundancy.

Tensor has many sophisticated time and attendance products that can save time and money at your firm and would help minimise job cuts if you are feeling the pinch. Starting with a simple to use smart card clocking regime, there are numerous extra features that can be implemented on your time and attendance system. For example is Auto Clockout where employees are automatically clocked out at a certain time; or Secondary Pay Bands where certain pay bands pay into other bands either on a 1:1 basis or by using a multiplier.

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