Time and attendance management system can set up special shift for public holidays

“Great news” was the verdict of Network Rail, and unions said it was a “good deal”. Both parties were talking about a special arrangement in working conditions that ensured no disruption for people commuting to next summer’s UK Olympics. “At this time of austerity we think that £500 extra payments and 10% on the basic represents a good deal and proves that strong union organisation can deliver for the members,” said rail union RMT after negotiations ended.

Tensor’s world-class web enabled Time and Attendance management systems are a great deal for your organisation in calculating pay and hours, whether basic or overtime. WinTA Net is the best there is for working out shift patterns, absence planning and entitlement management, and Working Time Regulations. Workers paid on an annual contract basis can be handled by the annualised hours procedures and reports within WinTAnet. Each type of work pattern can be set up to override the normal pattern and use a specific shift on public holidays.

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