Time and attendance network handles all frequently used methods of hours calculation

Allowances for senior council officers at one authority will be limited to make savings of £34,000 from year two of the plan. There will be an allowance for the new ‘champion roles’ at Gloucestershire County Council, but this will be capped to ensure that overall the changes will save the equivalent of one cabinet member’s allowance (£17,599), increasing to two in future years. Council leader Mark Hawthorne said: “With less cabinet members and time-limited project champions, we will save money and still get the job done.”

Tensor’s WinTA time and attendance network handles all frequently used methods of hours calculation. WinTAnet can supply working rules to calculate the correct result. It contains special rules to accommodate the formal flexitime contracts worked by many public sector employees. Workers paid on an annual contract basis can be handled by the annualised hours procedures and reports within WinTAnet. A number of basic rules control how hours are calculated. These include settings to separate “worked time” into different overtime rates and to handle night shift working.

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