Time and attendance network warns about Working Time Regulations infringements

Volunteers from a work programme spent part of the night under London Bridge before the Diamond Jubilee Thames pageant on Sunday, it has emerged. The company involved, Close Protection UK, has apologised for their mistake. The volunteers were bussed in from out of town for the celebrations marking the Queen’s Jubilee. The Guardian newspaper reported that one of those affected said conditions were “freezing”. It was alleged the workers had no access to toilets during their 14-hour shift.

Time and Attendance Systems from Tensor handle the requirements of time and attendance, rostering and shift patterns. From simple determination of overtime by the number of daily hours worked to the more complex payment of overtime hours adjusted when periodic targets are not met, our WinTA network can supply working rules to calculate the correct result. Working rules can be modified to suit your company’s Working Time agreements. You are pre-warned when applying a shift pattern that will result in a Working Time Regulations infringement.

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