Time and attendance product copes with diversity of working rules

Business Secretary Vince Cable wants shareholders to hold binding votes over executive pay. He said it was not Westminster’s job to ‘micro-manage’ companies but insisted there were steps it could take when there was “clear market failure”. There has been much focus on what is seen as ‘casino-style’ boardroom pay deals. Mr Cable told MPs: “We cannot continue to see chief executives’ pay rising at 13% a year while the performance of companies on the stock exchange languishes well behind.”

Tensor time and attendance products such as WinTA Enterprise provide total control over working rules, pay rates, job costing and payroll at the workplace. WinTA Enterprise holds details for thousands of employees, including a photograph of each person, if required. There are numerous extra features that can be implemented on your time and attendance system to take into account diversity with working rules between different organisations. For example under Secondary Pay Bands certain pay bands pay into other bands either on a 1:1 basis or by using a multiplier.

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