Time and attendance products allow extensive labour hours analysis

A £37 billion deficit needs to be cleared by the Ministry of Defence, although the Government is targeting the civil service mandarins rather than troops. The Minister in charge, Liam Fox, said it would be “difficult and painful” to deal with this “dangerous deficit”, but pledged a stop to the “endless salami slicing” of military budgets. Dr Fox ruled out any merger of the Royal Navy, Army and RAF but has hinted there were still disagreements between the MoD and the Treasury over who will pay the £20 billion cost for replacing Britain’s Trident nuclear deterrent.

Savings can be made at your work environment via Tensor’s proven range of Windows™ based time and attendance products, from simple collection of employees’ clocking data, through to extensive labour hours analysis. Our software has lots of standard analysis and viewing screens which enable you to analyse, approve and audit clocking transactions made by employees. A report can also be saved in a variety of formats or even transferred to other Windows packages. This is a quick and easy process once users become familiar with Windows.

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