Time and attendance software creates powerful management tool

A new marine project is hoped to initiate a jobs boom in the sector, centred around Bangor University. An innovation centre will be set up at Menai Bridge, Anglesey, providing support facilities for Welsh companies. “It’s about generating new jobs and new businesses and encouraging existing businesses to grow,” said the project manager Dr Gay Mitchelson-Jacob. “Existing business might grow in terms of their turnover or they might be able to take on new people.” She added: “There are a whole series of goals. There’s a large part which is about the research and development side – universities working in collaboration with businesses.”

Perhaps your business sector is experiencing a boom. Rapid expansion will be aided by Tensor time and attendance technology since it simplifies your payroll. Information on up to 1000 production or department jobs can be stored by the time and attendance software. It incorporates job booking, job costing and labour hours analysis, with an export to Payroll facility linking to Sage, Pegasus, and others. Information can also be exported to spreadsheets and graphs to create a powerful management tool.

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