Time and attendance software will automatically adjust if employee shifts are moved

The National Health Service workforce is to be slashed across Sussex. About 20 per cent of posts at NHS East Sussex will be lost following a consultation into how to make savings; NHS Brighton and Hove announced it will also implement job losses next year; while NHS West Sussex will take the total county redundancies past three figures before April. Meanwhile, the Government wants GPs to form consortiums to take over responsibility for commissioning local hospital, GP, dental and community services.

Tensor’s leading Time & Attendance PC software gives your organisation total control over hours, wages and shifts. In our systems like WinTA Start, ‘Groups’ are used to define sequences of shift patterns. Rolling Groups repeat a block of shift patterns. The block can contain any number of days or weeks. AutoSelect Groups have multiple shift patterns available per day. Here, WinTA Start will select the most appropriate shift depending on when an employee starts work. So if you move an employee’s shift, WinTA Start will automatically assign the correct shift to the employee.

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