Time and attendance system automatically alerts managers when manning levels are low

Tensor time and attendance systems for absence monitoring

Fully automated time and attendance systems can assist managers by alerting them when staffing levels are expected to go under a pre-set level – for example, when workers decide to go on strike.

And unfortunately, that will be the case this week, when members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union have scheduleda 24-hour walk out starting at 5pm on Thursday the 4th of June, followed by a further 48 hours of strike action from 5pm on the 9th of June, after rejecting a second pay deal from Network Rail (NR).

Additionally, further action “short of a strike” will take place from Saturday the 6th of June until the end of Friday the 12th of June, in which members have been instructed not to work overtime, additional hours, or extended shifts.

A ballot of NR union members found the majority were in favour of industrial action, with up to 80 cent supporting a strike, and 92 per cent supporting action short of strike.

“We have a massive mandate for action which shows the anger of safety-critical staff across the rail network at attacks on their standards of living and the blunt truth is that this dispute could be settled for a fraction of the money being handed out in senior manager bonuses and to the train operators for not running services,” said RMT general secretary Mick Cash.

Tensor time and attendance system helps you plan ahead easily

Determining exactly which employees went on strike and just how much of their pay is due to be retained is not always an easy task for HR departments, but Tensor’s WinTA Enterprise.NET can actually make everything a lot smoother.

First and foremost, our comprehensive, affordable Time and Attendance solution allows HR managers to generate a range of useful reports, such as Absence Summary or Job Summary, that will provide precise information on the people who actually participated to the strike and didn’t attend their usual work schedule.

WinTA Enterprise.NET also reliably tracks the exact hours worked by a particular employee over a year, not to mention the fact that the system can be very easily integrated with the Tensor Access Control solutions.

If you want to find out more about the Tensor WinTA Enterprise.NET, our dedicated product team is ready to answer any questions you might have.

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