Time and attendance system could alert ship managers when manning levels are low

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A modern time and attendance system could be easily implemented and used for managing and monitoring manning levels in the shipping industry, as the international trade association for in-house and third-party ship managers is currently investigating the minimum manning levels for diverse vessels trading on different routes and carrying various cargo types.

The aforementioned investigation, carried out by InterManager, will also consider the implications on safety and efficiency, and required rest hours as set by the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC).

The group will also engage with industry stakeholders to ensure sustainable and safe manning levels, considering the current operating and legislative environment, onboard administrative burdens and fatigue issues.

Under the second stage, InterManager will examine the concept of the ‘paperless ship’ and try to develop guidelines to minimise paperwork.

InterManager president Gerardo Borromeo said: “We want flag states to look at each vessel type, the cargo it is carrying and the voyages it is on, and to set-up and agree on legislation to ensure there are always sufficient people on-board to operate that vessel safely while catering for the necessary rest hours.

“We, of course, need to be realistic in approaching this issue as it involves not only safety and efficiency, but economics as well. At the end of the day, InterManager is looking to drive sustainable solutions that benefit the entire industry and the general public.”

Tensor time and attendance system can easily monitor and manage manning levels

Determining exactly which employees went on strike and just how much of their pay is due to be retained is not always an easy task for HR departments, but Tensor’s WinTA Enterprise.NET can actually make everything a lot smoother.

First and foremost, our comprehensive, affordable Time and Attendance solution allows HR managers to generate a range of useful reports, such as Absence Summary or Job Summary, that will provide precise information on the people who actually participated to the strike and didn’t attend their usual work schedule.

WinTA Enterprise.NET also reliably tracks the exact hours worked by a particular employee over a year, not to mention the fact that the system can be very easily integrated with the Tensor Access Control solutions.

If you want to find out more about the Tensor WinTA Enterprise.NET, our dedicated product team is ready to answer any questions you might have.

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