Time and attendance system creates complex payment schemes based on grade of employee

A new report says public sector wages have been rising while many in the private sector were seeing wage cuts. The Policy Exchange said the gap between equivalent workers in both sectors was more than 30 per cent when based on hourly pay. The report said the gap, or pay premium, between what a typical public sector worker earns above their equivalent in the private sector has increased to 16.5% over the past two years for salaried workers.

A Tensor time and attendance system allows your firm to create a myriad of different wage bands and shifts for your payroll. Among the numerous extra features that can be implemented on your system to take into account diversity with working rules between different organisations is Secondary Pay Bands. With this function certain pay bands pay into other bands either on a 1:1 basis or by using a multiplier. Using Shift Premiums, complex payment schemes can be used, based on factors such as the time of working to the grade of employee.

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