Time and attendance system exports payroll information in correct format

Scottish Labour’s finance spokesman Andy Kerr accused the ruling Scottish National Party of putting their political interest before that of the country by bringing forward a one-year rather than a three-year budget. He said: “It is outrageous that our local authorities, health service, our universities, further education colleges, police and fire services are being denied the ability to plan effectively.” Mr Kerr was reacting to the budget which has cut resources to housing, prisons and universities, resulting in union officials warning about job losses.

Tensor is the leader in the field of hours and wages calculation, which helps a firm’s managers plan its budgets properly. A major requirement of any Time and Attendance system is the ability to export information to the payroll system. Tensor has worked with all of the major payroll packages such as Sage. Our time and attendance software has a wide range of options that extract payroll information in exactly the correct format. It can share or receive information from third party applications by using readily available interface modules. Data transfers can occur either on demand or more usually as an automated process.

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