Time and attendance system provides improved efficiency at work

Members of the Trades Union Congress rallied at two north-east venues, Newcastle and Sunderland, to demonstrate concern at thousands of public sector workers facing unemployment in the north. The Unison union released a statement which said the deficit-busting UK Spending Review will have detrimental effects on both the public and private sector, adding: “There are real alternatives: clamping down on the tax dodgers and getting the banks to pay their fair share towards the recovery by imposing a Robin Hood Tax would raise billions.”

Tensor Time and Attendance Systems are leading the way in providing savings and efficiency improvements on payroll and staff overheads. With the simple use of a key fob or smart card, employees book time against their jobs to produce a fully costed analysis and break down of time spent on each one. The built-in report generator makes it simple to get the information you need from the system. WinTA software reports show jobs that are near their budget limit. Standard reports include: Weekly Clock Card, Payroll Summary, Absence Summary, Exceptions, Job Booking, and Working Time Directive Compliance.

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