Time and attendance system records details for unlimited number of employees

Fifteen fire emergency calls in Somerset were passed on to the second, or even third station, before a crew responded because of a dispute over the retained duty system. If a fire engine is not on the road within seven minutes controllers ask a nearby station to respond. The brigade is discussing a resolution with unions, said Acting Chief Fire Officer, Peter Smith. He added: “We are in the process of taking this to a disputes’ resolution panel at national level.”

Confusion over working rules is a thing of the past with Tensor’s WinTA Enterprise. It is a top-of-the-range multi-user, networked, multi site Time and Attendance, Access Control, Fire Roll Call and security system intended for larger companies. It provides total control over working rules, payroll, hours and job costing. Complex payment schemes can be set up, based on factors such as the time of working to the grade of employee. WinTA Enterprise operates both the T32xx and T256x clocking stations and can record employee details for an unlimited number of people.

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