Time and attendance system show jobs that are over budget

Education Secretary Michael Russell has given his “full support” to plans of two Scottish councils to merge. He has already met Midlothian and East Lothian representatives to discuss the plan. The councils have discussed the move in an attempt to save money and improve standards within their education departments. Mr Russell said: “I would welcome any ideas that will deliver education services more efficiently. I am determined to protect vital frontline services, such as schools, in the face of the spending cuts to Scottish public finances.”

Larger organisations would benefit from a Tensor WinTA Enterprise Time and Attendance system, which will help them perform much more efficiently. WinTA Enterprise stores information on up to 1000 production or department jobs. Employees quickly book time against these jobs using a proximity-read smart card or key fob to produce a fully costed analysis and break down of time spent on each one. Software reports show jobs that are over budget or those approaching their budget limit. Using the Auto Clockout feature, workers are automatically clocked out at a certain time.

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