Time and attendance system works with all of the major payroll packages

The details of large pay packets earned by thousands of temporary staff at a major company were accidentally revealed via email this week. A recruitment agency by error sent the information about Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) temps which showed they received up to £2,000 a day – which is the equivalent of £500,000 a year. This revelation comes at the same time as RBS is in the process of cutting thousands of permanent staff jobs.

Tensor Time & Attendance systems are the best there is for handling all major hours calculation methods and payroll issues. Our systems, for example WinTA.NET, combine the requirements of time and attendance, rostering and job costing. They include settings to deal with different overtime rates, night shift working and paid or unpaid breaks. A major requirement of any Time & Attendance system is the ability to export information to the payroll system. Tensor is the leader in this field and has worked with all of the major payroll packages.

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