Time & Attendance Systems for Small Businesses

time and attendance systems for small businesses

For small businesses, and for businesses that have recently started up, a time and attendance system can really give them the platform they need to progress and become an efficiently-run, well-established business with the potential for growth.

Whether your business is long-standing or newly-established, there are many benefits a time and attendance system can have for small businesses. These include providing complete control over employees working hours and holiday entitlement, automatic payroll configuration as well as the ultimate level of access control security for your business.

Time and attendance Start edition

time and attendance systems for small businesses

A time and attendance system has many perks for all business sizes from small to medium to large. To accommodate the vast numbers of employees that medium and large businesses can have, most time and attendance systems are designed to be used over multiple sites with an unlimited number of employees able to register themselves on the system.

If your company is employing 50 people or less, then the WinTA.NET time and attendance software suite Start edition is the perfect choice for you. It provides total control over the creation of working rules, access control, job costing and system security. The time and attendance software provides quick and easy access to information.

Additionally, Tensor’s Lite edition is available for businesses with up to 250 employees, which could still prove too large for some small businesses. Therefore, Tensor has devised a cost-effective and SME-friendly time and attendance software to help give small businesses the boost they need.

Employees benefit from time and attendance systems

A time and attendance system doesn’t just benefit employers and help to run your business efficiently, but it can also massively benefit employees. This is thanks to the self-service module (SSM) which gives employees the ability to clock in or out of their shift, should they be working from home or in the office. It also automatically books them on or off the fire evacuation list according to their clocking status.

An employee can use the SSM to request new periods of absence, cancel pending absence requests or cancel approved absence requests that have not yet occurred. Requests can also be made to add missed clockings, amend or delete clockings made in error. The SSM is an easy-to-use and accessible method for employees to clock in to shifts as well as for employers to have a clear overview of their staffs movements.

“Tensor are flexible, adaptable, and the company is on the ball. You give us everything we need.”

— Shaun Greenfield, Operations Manager, Supplies for Candles

Payroll taken care of by time and attendance

Dealing with HR matters for small business owners is crucial for the overall running of their business, however, they can prove to be very time consuming and distracting from day-to-day tasks. All payroll and other HR matters are taken care of by a time and attendance system, giving small business owners the time in the day to focus on growing their business and completing more important tasks. The payroll function allows data from WinTA.NET to communicate with all the major payroll packages such as Sage, Pegasus, Centrefile, Unipay and many others in order to take care of your payroll matters.

Business security with access control

Not only does a time and attendance system improve your businesses HR matters, but it can also improve building and room security with access control smart cards or biometric validation. In order to gain access into a building or a room, a smart card must be scanned and the person must be authorised to enter. Alternatively, for the ultimate level of security, biometric (fingerprint) access control can be implemented at your chosen control points to ensure only authorised personnel have the ability to enter certain areas or rooms within your building.

time and attendance systems for small businesses

Supplies for Candles is a thriving small business that installed Tensor’s time, attendance and access control systems to improve their companies ability to deal with HR and manage their workload. Please click on the button below to read the full case study and hear what their operations manager had to say.

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For more information on how your business can benefit from the time and attendance start edition, or if you would like to inquire about getting a quote, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our sales team today who will be happy to help.

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