Time and Attendance Systems for Small, Medium & Large Businesses

Time and Attendance Systems for Small, Medium & Large Businesses

Whether your business is small, medium or large, Tensor has a Time and Attendance System unique to your requirements.

At Tensor, we offer four different editions of our Time and Attendance System; Start, Lite, Business and Enterprise. These Attendance Softwares are as follows:






Single company

Single site



Single company

Single site



Single company







As the table demonstrates, Tensor’s Time and Attendance System is extremely versatile and can be made-to-measure for any size business.

The Start edition is aimed at small businesses with up to 50 employees, the Lite edition is tailored towards medium-sized businesses looking for a Time and Attendance System for up to 250 employees, while the Business and Enterprise editions can both be used for an unlimited number of employees.

Time and Attendance: Start Edition

Tensor’s Start edition, as explained above, is the perfect time and attendance solution for small businesses who have either just started out or only require a small number of employees to function.

With the Start edition, employees will have 1 Clocking Station with the basic functions of our Time and Attendance Software, including the ability to clock in and out of shifts, book holidays/absences, enrol on/off the fire evacuation list and be listed on the payroll system. Absence reports are also created for employers.

Time and Attendance: Lite edition

The Lite edition of Tensor’s Time and Attendance Software provides up to 4 Clocking Stations and is perfectly suited to medium-sized businesses employing up to 250 members of staff. A company with up to 250 employees needs a Time and Attendance System for a variety of reasons; tracking employee productivity, eliminating time fraud, accurate payroll - to name a few. Our Lite edition provides everything that the Start edition does, plus a whole lot more.

Time and Attendance: Business edition

The Business edition of our Attendance Software is the perfect Employee Tracking System for a large business with multiple sites and an infinite number of employees. It features absence reports, advanced leave diaries, enhanced fire roll call, global access groups, a graphical shift assignment planner, and more.

Time and Attendance: Enterprise edition

The main difference between the Business edition and the Enterprise edition of our Time and Attendance Software, is that the Enterprise Attendance Software can be networked across multiple companies as well as multiple sites, whereas the Business edition can solely be used for a single company. With Enterprise, users can be integrated with a Herta system, meaning subjects can be detected by facial recognition and granted/denied access through controlled doors.

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For a more in depth analysis of each specific Attendance Software, please visit our Time and Attendance Software page, or alternatively, feel free to get in touch with a member of the Tensor team today, who will be happy to assist you with any queries you may have.

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