Time and attendance systems make savings on staff

A plan to save millions in the police force seeks to introduce a voluntary redundancy package for officers who are on “light” or “restricted” duties following injury. It would need to be more lucrative than the sum officers would get if they were to take the pension entitled to them at that moment in time. But it would be less than the pension the force would be required to contribute to should the officer continue working in a back-office function until he or she had worked the 30 years required to claim a full pension.

Tensor offers state of the art time and attendance systems, based on smart cards and fobs, which mean businesses or organisations make savings on payroll and staff. Since the cards are simply presented to the scanner and do not have to be swiped they will last longer, and dust and residue picked up from the working environment presents no risk of clogging the reader. Fingerprint scanners (as seen in the picture) can be added to your system to take care of more secure areas. Reports show jobs that are over budget or those approaching their budget limit.

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