Time and Attendance Systems can help companies achieve significant efficiency savings in terms of personnel costs

Tensor Workforce Management System

Time and Attendance Systems can help companies of all sizes achieve significant efficiency savings in terms of personnel costs, which is an increasingly important topic nowadays, as over a third (36%) of IoD members say the outcome of the EU referendum will cause them to cut investment in their business.

According to a news source, a quarter of Institute of Directors (IoD) members say the result of the EU referendum will cause them to put a freeze on recruitment. Five percent said the result would cause them to make redundancies, but 32% said their hiring would continue at the same pace.

Nearly two-thirds (64%) said they thought Brexit would be negative for their business, compared to 23% who think it is positive.

Simon Walker, Director general of the IoD, reminded those unhappy with the result that “there is no point crying over spilled milk.”

“We will not lose our faith in the ability of British firms to overcome these obstacles, but these results highlight the importance of the Bank of England maintaining stability in the financial system. It is crucial that the banks do not starve businesses of cash,” he said.

“Businesses have a clear message to those who may wish to replace David Cameron as Prime Minister: during the referendum campaign we were promised an open and outward-looking country after Brexit, now it must be delivered.”

Tensor – your partner of choice for achieving significant efficiency savings

Implementing a very solid and reliable workforce management systemcan prove to be extremely useful for HR departments, especially when massive layoffs are concerned. By enabling managers to check their staff’s overall attendance figures and other specific details, they’ll be able to choose more easily the specific members who do not meet the required performance levels.

Tensor’s WinHR.NET platform supports an extensive array of personnel management features, ranging from the storage of exact data regarding the employee’s skills, certifications, medical records, etc. up to to the possibility of drawing up-to-date, exact reports regarding their daily activity.

If you’d like to find out additional details regarding the range of solutions supplied by Tensor, just contact us or book a demo, we’d be more than happy to answer any questions or queries you might have.

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