Time and attendance systems providing full support for remote workers can help reduce employee turnover

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Time and attendance systems specifically designed to provide full support for remote workers / telecommuting could potentially help employers reduce the overall high level of employee turnover.

A recent survey of 3,000 workers conducted by telecoms giant Vodafone has revealed that no less than 82% must commute to work, with 16% spending more than an hour each day travelling. Less than half (48%) of those polled said they like their commute, while almost one in five (18%) reported that they hate it.

When it came to improving their commute, 30% cited the money saved by working closer to home; 71% said this would make them more productive.

Tony Bailey, head of regional business at Vodafone UK, said employers should ask themselves if an employee needs to make the journey in. “If you’re a business that doesn’t need its staff in the office, on the shop floor or at a set location every day do your workers need to commute?” he said. “Could they work in another location but still be present using video conferencing and collaborative applications?”

Bailey suggested technology may be the answer. “Could you equip your employees so that they are able to access their office systems wherever they are? Commuting may well have been a fixture for British workers over the last century, but technology now makes it possible to rethink how we bring people together virtually, and how we harness talent wherever people may be working,” he said.


The Mobile Self Service Module (SSM) within the Tensor.NET Time & Attendance offers superb accuracy and a friendly user-interface, complemented by best-in-class workforce productivity-enhancing features.

The Tensor Mobile SSM is a cross-platform app that transforms any iOS, Android or Windows Phone mobile device into a powerful personnel management tool. Available as a free download via the iTunes Store, Google Play or Windows Phone Store, Tensor Mobile SSM allows users to Clock IN and OUT at their respective locations, as well as requesting a period of absence, viewing remaining leave entitlements, recent clocking history and current flexitime balance. The system implements role based security, allowing administrators to easily choose which combination of features employees will have permission to access.

Additionally, mobile users will be able to easily book ON or OFF production jobs, and also receive notifications when their absence, clocking amendment or flexitime adjustment requests are approved or rejected.

Supervisors receive notifications when sub-ordinates create requests and can easily authorise or reject any requested periods of absence, absence cancellations or flexitime adjustments. The management of requests is made easy with the aid of a consolidated calendar displaying the absences of all subordinate employees.

Given its mobile nature, the application also offers a special provision to mitigate the possible connectivity losses, by storing all of the requests on the mobile device and transferring them immediately after a network connection is re-established.

Mobile clockings and job bookings, once submitted, are transferred to the central Tensor.NET application. In addition, the employee’s geographical position is also ascertained from their mobile device’s location and the employee’s movements and clocking records are plotted on a map viewable in Tensor.NET.

If you’d like to find out more about the Tensor Mobile SSM app, just contact us or Book a Demo, we’d be more than happy to answer all of your questions and queries.

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