Turnstile access control systems give full jurisdiction over access around a site

A court issued a woman with an 'Asbo' preventing her from entering public toilets after she was found passed out from inhaling solvents. She was thus banned from public loos around the area of East Lothian in Scotland, and it is believed to be one of the first cases of its kind. Kirsty Lennon was involved in an incident in Edinburgh, when a member of the public became aware that she had collapsed in a cubicle.

Tensor's gates, barriers and turnstiles fully integrate with our smart card and biometric access control systems giving you full jurisdiction over movement and access in and around your site. Tensor offer a coin operated option for our turnstiles which offer improved security to your toilet facilities and extend flow capacity. With the addition of Tensor's fingerprint biometrics system, you have the perfect barrier against illegal entry. Without compromising the safety of those who use the turnstile, speed and reliability are provided even during rush hour periods.

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