Turnstiles for commerical premises do not compromise on safety and security

Many businesses in the United Kingdom are joining schemes where they are asked to open their facilities free of charge to build up trade in town centres. They are then compensated for their services – payments can be anything from £600 up to £1,500 per annum. Mendip District Council is promoting a ‘share your toilet’ scheme as a means to cut costs. The council says it does not have to provide toilets, saying that they are “discretionary”.

Tensor solves the problem of providing toilets for the community as our access control technology includes custom built Coin Operated Toilet Turnstiles. The mainly self-funding devices are manufactured from graded stainless steel for ease of cleaning and maintenance and are duty cycle rated for intensive use. The turnstile bodies have lockable lids to prevent unwanted access. Half height and full height turnstiles also prove to be an unbeatable solution for improving security at your company premises while not compromising the safety and security of those passing through it.

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