Turnstiles increase social inclusion for the aged

The lack of a public toilet in many town centres and leisure areas has a hidden social cost – it effectively makes older people a prisoner in their own homes. Age UK, who used to be called Help the Aged, published a paper entitled "Nowhere to Go", which highlights this matter. Twelve per cent of older people (1.2 million) feel trapped in their own home, it says. Furthermore, about 100,000 never go out. The organisation suggests that lack of public toilets is a major factor in this, and the situation will worsen as toilet provision continues to decline.

In order to aid the increase in public toilets, Tensor plc’s toilet turnstiles enable public conveniences to be built in towns to a good standard by local councils and provide the finance for their upkeep – they do cost money to maintain and clean. The durable coin operated turnstiles are adaptable, so that the coin box can be positioned to the most accessible point. They then permit entry with a small charge. Tensor’s turnstiles can cope with high volumes of traffic, while causing minimal disruption. For more information on a Tensor turnstile, barrier or gate, please contact our sales team. Half height and full height versions are available.

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