Turnstiles Tag Fans

Fulham FC has just become the latest in a long
line of football clubs to have RFID enabled turnstiles installed at their

The new turnstiles are equipped with a smart card
scanner, which reads the chip embedded in an RFID card. Each card has the
added advantage of being contactless, so it doesn’t even need to be removed from
your wallet or purse to be scanned.

The smart card tickets that
are issued to fans have an aerial and a chip, which contains data on football
matches the carholder has paid for. Fans can easily update the cards over the
phone or in person at the stadium ticket office.

The introduction of the
cards has not only cut queues at the turnstiles on match days, but has also
increased safety around the stadium. What used to take 10-20 seconds per
season-ticket holder on the turnstile is now cut down to 4 seconds.

Fulham have followed in the footsteps of other league clubs including
Coventry City, Manchester City, Reading and Wigan, all of whom have RFID enabled
turnstiles at their grounds.

Tensor install and maintain RFID
enabled turnstiles, suitable for use within recreation facilities such as
football grounds, health clubs, and athletics stadiums. Turnstiles are
particularly popular at sports grounds due to their ability to cope with a high
throughput of visitors.

Built to ISO regulations, our RFID enabled
turnstiles are available in any RAL colour as a special order at low prices.

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