Two access control options to deal with police job cuts

A senior officer said police jobs will go if forces are required to make 12 per cent savings. Ian Johnston, president of the Police Superintendents' Association, was reacting to the situation that the Home Office, which funds the police, could be facing cuts of a quarter. "I personally think it's inevitable [that we will lose officers from the beat]," Mr Johnston told BBC Radio: "You can't take 12% out of any equation when 83% of your budget is on personnel, I think that, yes, we will be losing police officers and the sooner the police service accepts it and we get on with limiting the damage the better."

With this prediction in mind your security needs are in good hands with Tensor, as we can provide your organisation with a sophisticated access control system. We currently have two dedicated systems available, which are operated by our contactless smart cards and key fobs and accurately allow and deny access to specific areas of your site. These systems are fully customisable, and come complete with access report generating software allowing you to track activity around your site. Surveillance and biometric technology can be grafted on for extra security.

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