UK Prisons over Capacity

The latest reports show prisons in England and Wales have surpassed their normal capacity for the first time.

At present, there are 82,068 inmates in jail which is 96 over the Prison Service’s normal capacity. Since November 2007 to date, 521 people have been sentenced and sent to prison and around 358 inmates are serving their time in police or court cells in an attempt to ease the pressure.

"The government’s policy towards prisons is like boiling a kettle – there is a red line and when you fill it with water, you don’t cross that line" – Colin Moses, Prison Officers’ Association

For the first time the Prison Service has more inmates in jail than the number governors want to hold. This added pressure has caused concerns over safety & security within the prisons.

Friday population: 82,068
In prison: 81,710
In police cells: 358

Official limits
Operational Capacity: 81,972
Uncrowded conditions: 74,141
Source: Prison Service

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