UK’s family-owned SMEs record strong growth, both in numbers and revenue

The number of family-owned small and medium enterprises (SMEs) established in the UK is set to grow to 2.65m by 2018, while their revenues will rise from £540bn a year to £661bn in the same time frame, recent research by banking giant Barclays has revealed.

UK’s family-owned SMEs record strong growth, both in numbers and revenue image 1

A new report drawn up by the banking group suggests that the number of first generation family SMEs established in the UK has reached 2.42 million, up from 2.32m in 2011. The paper also forecasts that this number is set to rise to 2.65m by 2018.

Furthermore, Barclays’ research revealed that family-owned SMEs make a sizeable contribution to UK employment, as they currently provide 5.5m jobs – equivalent to the number of jobs in the public sector. Nevertheless, by 2018 this will increase by nine per cent to 6m.

While the vast majority of family-owned small and medium enterprises typically employ just a few people, including the founders, implementing a very solid time and attendance system is certainly a must, as it can reduce paperwork and cut costs.

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