UK’s first CCTV commissioner to set new guidelines for CCTV usage

Andrew Rennison, the UK’s first CCTV commissioner, has recently revealed plans for setting some new, strict guidelines regarding the use of CCTV by both private individuals and public authorities, a news report on the matter reveals.

UK’s first CCTV commissioner to set new guidelines for CCTV usage image 1

The commissioner has already revealed a new set of rules regarding the use of CCTV and ANPR cameras by public bodies like the police and local councils.

The new guidelines involve the concept of “surveillance by consent”, that will be apparently carried over into the new guidelines that are being laid out for homeowners and private CCTV owners too.

In other words, the commissioner wants to make sure that, while private individuals do install CCTV systems in order to protect their properties, these surveillance solutions do not infringe on other people’s civil liberties.

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