Up to 34% of employees would prefer more flexible working hours to a pay rise, study reveals

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Almost a third of UK employees would prefer more flexibility in terms of their working hours rather than a 3% pay rise, recent research has been able to find.

The Investors in People’s Job Exodus Trends poll also found that nearly a third (28%) said they would rather have a clear career progression route and a quarter (24%) would prefer their employer invested in their training and development more.

Furthermore, data from the same poll revealed that a massive 48% of the UK workforce said they will be looking for new jobs in 2016. The most common reason people were unhappy with their current role was poor management (43%), followed by not feeling valued (39%). Unsatisfactory pay was the third most common reason as to why employees were unhappy, cited by 38%.

Close to 19% of employees across the country complained of having a high workload, and nearly a quarter (23%) revealed growing concerns regarding the lack of career progression. Just over a quarter (27%) said they were unhappy with their levels of pay. Career progression was a particular issue for younger workers with more than a quarter (26%) of 18- to 24-year-olds saying they felt they have no clear career progression in their current role.

Tensor time and attendance system is the perfect solution for the thorough management of flexible working hours

Tensor plc supplies an extensive range of workforce management solutions that cater for all the requirements of the modern workplace, including flexible working.

The system can supply working rules for a variety of purposes, from simple determination of overtime by the number of daily hours worked, to the more complex payment of overtime hours adjusted when periodic targets are not met. The system also contains special rules to accommodate the formal flexitime contracts worked by many public sector employees. Workers paid on an annual contract basis can receive reports stating how many contracted hours they have yet to work.

Additionally, our top-range WinTA suite features an On-line Self Service module that allows staff to clock IN or OUT, check hours, request leave + other functions via internet, mobile or other communications.

Furthermore, with the Telephone Clocking module, staff can call in from remote locations to clock IN or OUT or review their flexitime balance or remaining holiday entitlement. After entry of their pass code, an automated, spoken menu guides employees to the option they require.

If you’d like to find out more about the range of workforce management and Time and Attendance solutions supplied by Tensor and just how we can help your company implement thorough and reliable flexible working arrangements, just contact us or Book a Demo.

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