How to use time and attendance systems for workforce management in healthcare

Workforce management in the healthcare sector can be particularly challenging, especially since, in some specific areas, such as nursing, the shortage of staff is an ever-growing issue. However, time and attendance systems with built-in rostering features and manning levels alerts can help health facilities maximize the efficiency of the workforce they have.

A poll of nurse managers conducted by healthcare staffing firms Avantas and AMN Healthcare found that the vast majority struggled with staffing issues, and about 70 percent expressed concern about the impact that shortages can have on patient satisfaction. Furthermore, more than half said they feared such issues could negatively impact patient care.

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The report also found that last-minute schedule changes, nurses being asked to perform tasks outside of their typical purview and a lack of experienced or specialty staff were also common problems. Hospitals that adopted a data-driven style of workforce management increased staff satisfaction, better-predicted staffing needs, and cut labor costs.

Tensor Time and Attendance Systems help you streamline your workforce management

The Tensor Time and Attendance system will assist you in controlling shifts, personnel levels, and working patterns at your organisation with the use of our Smart Card-based payroll and Time & Attendance systems.

For example, manning levels in our WinTA.NET application are based on employee skills required during the working week. WinTA.NET is a proactive system that keeps managers abreast of events. It does this by automatically emailing or SMS text messaging both employees and system users on various issues.

Rostering and manpower scheduling have separate modules. Using a shift pattern that will violate the Working Time Regulations, you are forewarned.

Tensor Time and attendance

Additionally, the Personnel Software can be connected with the Tensor Time and Attendance systems to provide capabilities that will speed up strategic planning, especially in emergency scenarios (such as strikes and natural disasters).

A mobile or wireless technology-based time and attendance system for employers from Tensor ensures an organization is kept up to date with who is missing at the workplace.

If you’d like to find out more about Tensor’s advanced workforce management software, just contact us or Book a Demo, we’d be more than happy to answer all of your questions and queries.

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