Verify visitor ID with fast reading fingerprint scanners

A senior worker at Lloyds Banking Group has been jailed for five years after defrauding the company of more than £2 million. Jessica Harper – whose job description included fighting fraud – used her position to pay herself extra cash, which she then gave to friends and family. She insisted she never personally benefited from the fraud, which took place over four years. The crimes occurred during the credit crunch when Lloyds was bailed out by substantial amounts of taxpayers’ money.

Security can be stepped up at your firm’s premises by installing a Tensor system. For more effective security authorisation of an individual to a Tensor time and attendance or access control/visitor control network, biometric fingerprint recognition is used in conjunction with a smart card. Tensor’s range of fast-reading fingerprint readers can also be used within our Visitor Management Systems (or VMS for short) to provide irrefutable proof that a visitor or contractor at your site is who they say they are.

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