Visitor management software makes issuing ID passes quick and cost effective

As the nation has just commemorated those who have given their lives in conflict, David Cameron has called metal theft, particularly from war memorials, “an absolutely sickening and disgusting crime”. The Prime Minister was commenting in the wake of Armistice Day, which is observed on November 11 each year, and which fell just before the weekend. The War Memorials Trust estimates one monument is vandalised per week for its bronze, copper or other metal.

Tensor offers a range of devices and systems aimed at preventing thefts from occurring at your commercial premises. A Visitor Management System can combine a multitude of tasks while giving greater control over who is visiting your site. ID badges can be produced with varying degrees of security depending on the card printer and software, but all invariably use the same card production process. Tensor’s visitor management software makes the issuing of visitor passes a quick, easy and cost-effective process. It can print a full colour personalised pass in seconds.

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