What is Visitor Monitoring?

Visitor monitoring is an indispensable system and is becoming increasingly popular.

Visitor monitoring controls, records and monitors the entrance and exit of a guest. Upon arrival the Receptionist will check the visitors’ identity and enter their details onto the visitor monitoring system. The guest will then be issued with a printed ID pass.

This system is an advantage to any business because:

  1. It records an accurate date & time of the visitors arrival
  2. Is individulaised with a bar-code and expiry date
  3. Is an efficient way to quickly pass visitors through Reception

It is becoming increasingly common for businesses not to have a Reception/Receptionist. Visitor monitoring will allow a guest to self register by using a touch-screen computer. The system will automatically notify the host by email.

Depending how high-tech a company wants to be, biometric fingerprint readers are frequently used as part of the visitor monitoring system to provide irrefutable proof that the guest is who they say they are. The biometric fingerprint reader is vital for high security sites.

In addition, surveillance equipment such as digital CCTV and automatic number plate recognition devices can be combined with your ID card software, allowing you to create a highly sophisticated visitor monitoring network.

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