Visitor monitoring systems can help identify prison drug smugglers

Prison Pass Prison Visitor Management System

A visitor monitoring system capable of easily and rapidly keeping tabs on every person that enters a prison facility with a minimum level of user interaction can help identify and capture prison drug smugglers.

A similar situation has occurred at Durham Jail, where staff monitoring people passing through a jail’s security area spotted a frequent visitor removing something from his underwear. The perpetrator was immediately challenged and handed over a small cling film package, which contained class C and class A drugs.

The smuggler was arrested and interviewed, telling police he was provided the package by an unnamed, “third party”, at his home address, intending to pass it on during the visit to an inmate to whom he owed a favour.

He was sentenced to nine months’ in prison.

Tensor Visitor Monitoring system is a must for any prison facility

Every prison facility should implement a very solid, reliable and secure Prison Visitor Monitoring system, that will enable officers to always have an updated list of the inmate’s recent visitors available – and that’s exactly what Tensor Prison Pass is all about.

Tensor Prison Passis a low cost, easy to install, computer based pass system for registering each visitor, both on and off site, that will enable HM Prison Service Officers to quickly check the identity and monitor the movements of visitors.

A digital or eyeball camera takes a photo of the visitor, which is later on printed on a bar-coded pass using a high speed printer so each visitor is easily identified. Then, at specific controlled monitor points, the visitor pass badge is simply swiped and a high quality digital image appears to the HM Prison Service Officers thus verifying that the correct person is passing through.

Furthermore, biometrics can be combined with the visitor badges to operate the system, since Tensor’s range of dermal fingerprint reading technology gives increased accuracy and reliability, and is perfect for when irrefutable proof of identity is required.

Tensor can offer various financing and rental packages to both private and public sector organisations who wish to install our visitor monitoring system. If you’d like to find out more about it, just Contact Us or Book a Demo, our representatives will be more than happy to answer all of your questions and queries.

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