Visitor pass production system involves photograph and details digitally stored

The main window of a jewellery shop was smashed in a robbery. One elderly woman had collapsed during the incident and needed medical attention from a paramedic on a bicycle who was one of the first to arrive at the scene. The gang targeted a branch of Francis Wain jewellers in West Norfolk on Tuesday morning and made off with expensive items. Early reports suggested the suspects might also have had firearms.

Tensor can supply Access Control and Visitor Management Systems (VMS) to businesses in order to increase their security. VMS is a low cost computer based Visitor Management and Visitor Pass production system. On arrival at a site, a full colour photograph is taken and personal details are recorded and digitally stored. Optionally, the visitor’s fingerprint details can be electronically enrolled to provide a future check of their identity. Once the details are safely stored within the PC, an inexpensive bar coded pass is then issued containing a photograph, name and validation dates.

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