Visitors not caught short with fast entry double half height turnstiles

Visitors to a coastal area will not be caught short now that a council plans to replace public conveniences that were removed. However the public will have access to WCs once a foreshore pool development is opened early next year. South Tyneside Council has confirmed the toilet facilities in the new building – a modern swimming pool and leisure centre that supersedes the old Pier Pavilion – will have access for the public up until 10pm at night.

Tensor’s toilet turnstiles offer faster throughput in places such as leisure centres. Without compromising the safety of those visitors or tourists who use the turnstile, speed and reliability are provided even during rush hour periods. Available as a double half height token or coin entry turnstile, your throughput can be doubled whilst keeping the amount of space down to a minimum. A Tensor turnstile also fully integrates with our smart card and biometric access control systems giving full jurisdiction over movement and access around a site.

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