Wages software creates shift rules enabling employees to earn bonus payments

A council has instituted a pay freeze because it needs to save a total of £40m over four years. Senior management and councillors at Oxford City Council have agreed to a pay freeze and staff will not receive any annual pay rises, as part of the draft budget. About 60% of the budget gap (which is about £6m) will be met by efficiency savings, while about 25% will be addressed through increased council fees and charges. Free swimming for children could also be affected.

All frequently used methods of hours calculation, wage structure and shift patterns (including overtime and flexitime) are handled by the WinTA Net Time & Attendance and integrated security management system from Tensor. Available in Lite, Small Business and Enterprise versions, the system is cost-effective for those employing from 10 to 10,000-plus staff. The system allows you to create a series of shift premium rules that enable employees to earn bonus payments under special circumstances. The bonus is calculated either as extra hours or monetary amounts and can be included in the export to payroll.

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