Wary Of Unproven Biometrics

It seems that the unproven nature of biometrics is proving to be a stumbling block for private sector industry, and is the main reason for the slow uptake of biometric security.

There have been no extensive trials conducted by companies not involved in the biometrics industry, and so no precedent has been set for the large-scale implementation of biometric technology.

The most significant trials conducted with biometric technology have been infrequent and only publicised to select market sectors. This has meant that the UK business community as a whole have been unaware of any trials taking place, let alone being able to view the results.

An example of this are the small frequent traveller trials conducted by airlines, but these trials have tended to involve educated, tech-savvy males, which is not a representative sample of the UK population.

In addition to low-key device trials, logistical issues around the process of capturing biometrics have proved a stumbling block. Unresolved difficulties with, for example, people with dark eyes or worn fingerprints, are also slowing the progress of widespread implementation.

Early adopters of the widespread implementation of biometric systems are expected to be banks and financial services companies, as they strive to protect their customers with the best security available on the market.

Suprisingly, it seems that the private sector are leading the way in the utilisation of biometric devices. A growing trend has been experienced in the PC and laptop security sector as individuals strive to safeguard their data. With logon devices costing as little as £40, many people are deciding to bite the bullet and invest in the new technology.

With so many different types of biometric device available on the market and no production standards set in stone, all biometric products run the risk of being tainted by the same "biometric technology" brush, something which can only be rectified through well-publicised trials of the technology.

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