What is Biometric Access Control?

what is biometric access control

A biometric access control system has the ability to match a person’s biometric features, such as facial features or fingerprints from a digital image or recognised fingerprints against a database of biometric readings. It enables personnel identification, while granting or denying access to a particular area or room of a building. Along with extremely high matching speeds and accuracy, a biometric access control system also guarantees the ultimate level of building security.

Biometric access control provides a fast and highly accurate solution for businesses wanting to identify employees and/or visitors on site. A biometric access control system is the perfect option for businesses, ensuring complete control over who has access to your site. This article explains the main benefits it can have for businesses and building security along with other key features.

How biometric access control works

biometric access control reader

A biometric access control system can be either a camera-based system, should you use facial recognition access control, or a fingerprint reader can be mounted on a wall at the entrance to a building or an internal room.

A facial recognition access control system works using the latest algorithm technology to identify a person’s specific facial features, including the distance between the eyes or the shape of the chin. Algorithms are then converted into a mathematical representation and compared to the data stored on the database.

Fingerprint readers work in a very similar way. A database of fingerprints can be stored and matched when a person places their finger on the reader, and has the ability to grant or deny them access in the building or room depending on the reading outcome.

All of our biometric access control systems have the ability to work day or night and in any weather condition, including rain and lightning. Not only this, but our systems ensure that you will never be a victim of fraud, with the ability to differentiate between a photograph and a real face.

Finding the perfect fit

Tensor's time, attendance, and access control system was initially introduced to Shoe Zone in 2005. Shoe Zone has more than 400 locations throughout various towns and cities in the UK and has been a staple of high streets for more than 100 years.
Their head office in Leicester, employs 300 employees, and is managed by Steven Chater, a property manager. Steven recently spoke with our reporter to discuss his experiences using Tensor systems.

biometric access control case study

Benefits of a biometric access control system

There are endless benefits that come with a Tensor biometric access control system. These benefits include the ultimate level of access control security for your business, our unrivalled access control software as well as facial recognition access control being completely contactless.

Providing the highest level of access control security

These systems guarantee the highest level of protection for your building. Biometric access control systems guarantee complete confidence that no unauthorised individuals will enter or exit your building. This makes your company a secure place to work. Our biometric access control solutions also prevent employees from clocking in and out of shifts for each other thus, preventing unauthorised access to the work place.

Easy-to-use access control software

Tensor’s biometric access control system is fully supported by our WinAC.NET access control software suite.

WinAC.NET is a powerful and secure access control software suite that is integral to the way in which our biometric access control system operates. It provides quick and easy access to information on your computer or mobile phone and has the ability to control a single door and identification point, through a fully computerised networked system.

computerised access control systems

With WinAC.NET and Tensor’s biometric access control system, you can control most standard types of internal and external electronic, magnetic door releases and devices, making full use of all access-controlled points, whether in full view or hidden out of sight.

Our access control software ensures that your business will have a simple-to-use, incredibly secure way of controlling access to areas or buildings, as well as monitoring who is present 24 hours a day.

“For access control, it ticks all the boxes: setting the levels, mandating how and when people can come into the building, it solved all our issues. Tensor did that, and continues to do that for us.”

— Steven Chater, Property Manager, Shoe Zone

Download our biometric access control brochure

For more information on Tensor’s biometric access control system, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our sales team today if you would like to see a live demo or if you are interested in getting a quote for your business.

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