What You Need to Know About Biometric Time and Attendance by Tensor plc

What You Need to Know About Biometric Time and Attendance by Tensor plc

In today's fast-paced business world, effective time management is crucial for maintaining productivity and maximising efficiency. This is where biometric time and attendance systems come into play. Tensor plc offers state-of-the-art biometric solutions that revolutionise the way businesses manage employee time and attendance.

In this article, we will delve into the key aspects of Tensor Plc's time and attendance system, highlighting the features of their fingerprint scanners, biometric clocking system, and biometric hand scanners.

What is a Biometric Time and Attendance System?

A Biometric Time and Attendance System uses sophisticated technology to distinguish unique biological traits for identification and verification purposes. These include fingerprints, facial recognition and hand scanners. They work by studying and measuring the physical characteristics of a person to provide irrefutable proof of identity with a high level of accuracy and security. Tensor plc's biometric time and attendance system is used to deliver a reliable and secure solution for managing employee attendance and enhancing overall operational efficiency. It can also be integrated with HR and Payroll processes, with the ability to export CSV files and payroll applications. The Tensor system, with allocated door control and bell schedules, has ultra-fast and secure biometric verification – with less than 1-second matching speed.

Fingerprint Scanners for Enhanced Accuracy

One of the primary components of Tensor plc's biometric time and attendance system is its advanced fingerprint scanners. These scanners capture and store unique fingerprint patterns that serve as the basis for employee identification and verification. They work by first registering the fingerprint and then translating the patterns found into a code through a secure algorithm which is then stored in a database. When registered users then scan their fingerprints to clock in, a comparison is made between the live print and the stored template. Fingerprint recognition is highly accurate, as each person's fingerprint is unique, ensuring reliable identification and equipped with Tensor’s cutting-edge technology.

Biometric Clocking System for Seamless Integration

To complement its fingerprint scanners, Tensor plc offers an all-in-one comprehensive biometric clocking system that seamlessly integrates with its time and attendance software. This system comprises user-friendly devices that capture and transmit attendance data in real-time, IP-enabled recording workstations, incorporate job booking/costing, labour hour analysis, and security management quality (CCTV playback). It is a versatile system that gives the option for clocking using Smart Cards, Biometrics and PIN. The state-of-the-art system can dramatically improve HR and security management, giving businesses full control over operational processes.

Biometric Hand Scanners: A Cutting-Edge Solution

In addition to their fingerprint scanners and biometric clocking system, Tensor plc offers advanced hand scanners as part of their comprehensive time and attendance solutions. This technology utilises unique hand geometry to accurately identify and verify employees. By capturing and analyzing the shape, size, and positioning of various hand features, such as fingers and knuckles, Tensor's biometric hand scanners provide a highly accurate and convenient method of employee identification.


Efficient time and attendance management is vital for any organisation's success, and Tensor plc's biometric system provides a reliable and cutting-edge solution. With advanced fingerprint scanners, hand scanners and biometric clocking systems, businesses can accurately track employee attendance, streamline payroll processes, and enhance operational efficiency. By implementing Tensor plc's innovative system, organisations can optimise workforce management, save time and costs, and ensure a secure and fraud-resistant time-tracking system.

For more information regarding our Biometric Time and Attendance systems, please get in touch with a member of the Tensor team today.

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