Where Is Biometric Access Control Best Used?

Where Is Biometric Access Control Best Used?

As an inevitable global recession sets in, businesses up and down the country are looking for ways to secure their assets and combat the expected rise in crime. The ideal solution for this is Biometric Access Control.

This blog reveals what a Biometric Access Control System is and a few industries that can benefit from a biometric system.

What is a Biometric Access Control System?

A Biometric Access Control System uses people’s biometric features to grant or deny access to a specific site, building or room.

The system collects biometric features, such as face readings, fingerprints or hand geometry, and then compares readings with data stored in the system.

If there is a match, access is granted, allowing the person to enter the room or building. The biometric access control devices offered by Tensor are Fingerprint Access Control, Facial Recognition Access Control, and Hand Geometry.

A Biometric Access Control System cannot function without a best-in-class software. The biometric access control software is the brains behind the beauty, giving users complete control over entry points within a building.

Biometric Access Control in the Workplace

Many industries can use a biometric access control system to improve their security. A touchless entry system has huge advantages for organisations requiring a high level of security, or those that put hygiene at the top of their priority list. Industries such as:

Food manufacturing

A biometric access control system is an excellent access control solution for food manufacturing companies. Avoiding contamination of food products is absolutely vital for food manufacturers and should be the number one priority at all times. With a biometric access control system, food manufacturing factories can reduce the risk of spreading diseases and bacteria with a touchless access system, using contactless smart cards or facial recognition instead.

But don’t just take our word for it. Avara Foods have installed a Tensor access control system as “food security is very important” to them. Read the full case study by clicking the button below.


Healthcare is another industry that can utilise Biometric Access Control for good hygiene reasons. All members of staff within a hospital, doctors surgery, and so on, can be registered onto the biometric access control software in order to be granted contactless access through doors.

Not only will using a biometric access control system in the healthcare industry be significant for reducing the spread of diseases, but it will also enhance security and ensure only authorised personnel are granted access into sensitive areas of the building.

Bank Security

The banking and finance industry is a huge beneficiary of a biometric access control system. Biometric security offers one of the highest levels of building security available, meaning the money isn’t going anywhere.

Biometric Access Control gets rid of traditional keys, smart cards, key fobs, and even pin codes that are used to access the bank doors. This means an employee with the rights to access a certain door must be present at the time of opening should a facial recognition or fingerprint access control system be in place.

Scientific/testing labs

Much like the healthcare industry, science and testing labs can hugely benefit from a biometric access control system for contamination and hygiene reasons. For example, a biometric access system provides testing labs with a contactless access system (facial recognition) meaning germs and bacteria from outside will find it much harder to get inside the building.

Not only this, but a biometric access control system also enhances staff safety, especially for science and testing lab students. A Biometric system absolutely ensures that a qualified and authorised member of staff must be present when opening doors that expose students and other members of staff to dangerous chemicals.

For more information regarding Tensor’s Biometric Access Control System, and to learn how your industry can benefit from one, please get in touch with a member of the Tensor team today who will be happy to assist you.

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