WinTA Enterprise can store 2000 employees on one time and attendance clock

Organisations such as the Design Council and the National Endowment for Science, Technology and Arts will be turned into charities as part of the Government’s sweeping reform of quangos, of which 192 of these non-governmental bodies are set to be scrapped. “We know that for a long time there has been a huge hunger for change,” Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude said yesterday. “People have been fed-up with the old way of doing business, where the ministers they voted for could often avoid taking responsibility for difficult and tough decisions by creating or hiding behind one of these quangos.”

WinTA Enterprise is the complete Time & Attendance system of choice for larger organisations, holding clocking and payroll data for 10,000-plus people to create better efficiency and productivity. Tensor’s Web enabled, networked, multi-site facility, WinTA Enterprise can store up to 2000 employees on a single time and attendance clock, to which extra scanners may be attached for Access Control, Job Booking, and Job Costing. WinTA Enterprise operates both the T32xx and T256x clocking stations and can record employee details for an unlimited number of people.

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