WinTA keeps track of time worked in a year by an employee

Hundreds of thousands of commuters face a travel nightmare due to a 24-hour ‘Tube’ strike finishing next Monday, October 4 over planned cuts to London Underground. Rail Maritime and Transport union general secretary Bob Crow said: "RMT remains totally opposed to the planned Tube cuts which will have devastating consequences for passenger and staff safety. We now have the ludicrous situation where passenger groups are being consulted after London Underground have already begun bulldozing through their plans.” He continued: “That makes a mockery of the process and reinforces the union position that the cuts be halted to allow proper discussions and negotiations.”

One of the top Tensor workplace smart card products is a fast, accurate and easy-to-use way of recording employees' hours of working and site security. Suitable for organisations employing just a few people, right up to large multinational, multisided businesses – WinTA handles all your Time and Attendance and security and software needs in one integrated management system. It is simple to keep track of time worked throughout the year by a particular employee with the advanced Annualised Hours feature.

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