WinTA Lite is just the job for expansion of smaller companies

A jobs policy initiative is at the heart of Ed Balls’ bid to become the Labour Party leader, as the contest winds up this week. Mr Balls said: "We need to do more to boost jobs, promote growth and get the economy moving again. That's why I have called for 100,000 more affordable homes to be built to tackle the housing shortage and create hundreds of thousands of private sector jobs." He added: "The best way to secure economic recovery and get the deficit down over time is to make sure more people are in work and paying taxes."

Tensor personnel time and attendance software is fully customisable, enabling you to decide on the specific features that your organisation requires when it is expanding and taking on new jobs. WinTA Lite is the choice for smaller companies with less than 250 staff. A WinTA Lite time and attendance system comprises: WinTA Lite software installation CD, a T8440 Clocking Station, 50 smart cards, an extensive user manual, a serial cable for communications to a PC and ten days of free helpdesk support from date of purchase.

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