WinTA network keeps track of annual time worked by a particular employee

Refuse collectors are meeting officials from Birmingham City Council in an attempt to avert a strike over a long-running pay dispute. Unions who represent the rubbish collectors are to speak with Council representatives after a recent vote was taken to only work 50 per cent of their shifts over a two-day period. Unions said a pay review meant some refuse workers would lose £4,000 a year. The council replied it had to change pay rates to meet equality laws.

Issues of pay and hours are simplified, and will save your organisation time and money into the bargain, using Tensor personnel and attendance monitoring systems. Our smart card technology allows your employees to quickly clock in and out, with the time and attendance software accurately recording attendances. The modular and upgradable WinTA network – suitable for all business sizes – has many additional features, one of which is Annualised Hours. Here it is possible to keep track of time worked throughout the year by a particular employee.

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