WinTA PC Clock is easy PC for schools

Education Secretary Michael Gove faced a political storm when attempting to justify the cancellation of the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme. The minister was already under fire over the botched announcement covering more than 700 projects nationwide. Mr Gove has attracted particular ire over his axing of 26 school rebuilds in Merseyside, and admitted that these secondary school projects were among three areas nationwide to be hardest hit.

Tensor’s unbeatable Windows™ based Time and Attendance systems include WinTA PC Clock, which is a simple PC-based clocking system ideal for a school or college and is EU Working Time Directive compliant. Employees are simply presented with an input screen on their PC allowing them to clock in and out. The analysis module within the package then performs all the calculations necessary to ensure compliance with both regional and national legislation. With many of the features of the acclaimed WinTA Lite software included in PC Clock, such as the holiday and absence planners, PC Clock remains the best product on the market for small-scale time and attendance monitoring; thus saving your school time and money when times are tight.

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