WinTA time and attendance network works over international boundaries

An MP has questioned why a company that is putting 900 Welsh workers out of a job – by shifting production to Hungary – is now hoping to secure millions in public subsidy to open a new plant in England. Vale of Glamorgan Labour Assembly Member Jane Hutt said of Bosch’s plan to shut down its plant in the Vale of Glamorgan and bid for a new technology site at Worcester: “This news will come as a real body blow to those workers who have lost their jobs in the South Wales plant.”

Moving sites is made smoother with a Tensor Time & Attendance system based on smart card technology, which allows your employees to clock in and out extremely quickly. This information can be used to ensure that European working time regulations are not breached and can be exported in many forms to allow integration with existing payroll software. Your employees’ time and attendance data is gathered from the clocking machines and available in real time. Our WinTA network is able to work over national and international boundaries.

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