Work attendance system informs via automatic emails of missing employees

Unions and government disputed the turnout of public sector workers who went on strike this week. The government said the public sector pension plans were "fair to taxpayers" and the other 25 public sector unions not on strike on Thursday (June 30) were continuing with negotiations. It said figures gathered "from every government department" indicated that just fewer than 100,000 civil servants went on strike. The Public and Commercial Services union suggested about 210,000 of its members participated in the action.

Accurate information about absenteeism and lateness is crucial for many businesses. Tensor’s top of the range Time and Attendance WinTAnet system provides this information through warning email notifications, SMS messaging direct to a supervisor's mobile or via hard copy reports. The system quickly identifies missing employees that are expected to be at work and then informs you via automatic email reporting. A separate module is available for rostering and manpower scheduling. Shift pattern rules can be modified to suit your company's Working Time (WTR) agreements.

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